Need a tow?

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Free motorcycle rescue and towing!

Yup, you read that right.

If your bike gets into an accident in the Chicago area, we’ll rescue it for you, for free.

Why are we doing this?

Because we’re riders too, and let’s face it, getting in an accident sucks. If you’re calling for a rescue, you’re already having a bad day. We want to make that bad day a little better, and because of the work we do, we can help.

Giving back to the motorcycle community

MMR is sponsored by McNabola & Associates. We’re a Chicago-based injury law firm, and it’s our job to help people when they get hurt. We've handled hundreds of motorcycle cases. We’re really good at taking care of people, so taking care of their motorcycle on a bad day just makes sense. We want to help the entire Chicago motorcycle community though, not just our clients.

Truth is, we hope you never get hurt or need our legal services but we’re here to help if you do. No matter what, we want to do our part for the Chicago motorcycle community. That’s why we’re building a rescue service you can count on.

(BTW, free towing doesn’t apply to a breakdown or a flat tire. Only accidents are free, but we’ll still rescue you and your bike.)